Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rain and pain but no remain, this weeks preview

Stark contrast from where I was when I last looked up hot waters line up as today I sit in rain soaked EU departing, Euro knock out embarrassing England looking for things to take my mind off the bickering about votes, the rain and those idiots that earn more in 10 minutes than most of us in a year!

This, a shorter post than usual given that line ups are still being worked on tirelessly but the hot water team and that I have been inked on my right arm today and it's swollen like the ego of Fargae but less of the need to race Bob Geldoff along the Thames.

I'll start with the one confirmed act for Jaceranda, the gig that is rapidly becoming a cult favourite with audiences and acts alike will once again be hosted by Paul Smith.

Joining him this week is Kat Radley, not an act I've seen before. I'm told Kat is clever with a Penchant for potty humour, that in mind I had a quick Google and was excited by what I saw as the American confidently goes about her set with style that British acts can't and probably shouldn't replicate. She is skilled in her writing and deliver and you won't be disappointed.

This weekends shows include 2 absolute masters of their game in Eddy Brimson and Danny Pensive.
Brimson is confident and has his own abundant charisma, to use the words of chortle "Brimson manipulates the mixture of laughs and pseudo-shock masterfully" he has a style of delivery that is perfect and confidence that helps carry the performance.

Pensive the creation of John Cooper is an odd and endearing performer with a slice of surreal and a huge chunk of funny, I've seen Pensive several times and not once tired of his superbly crafted stuff

This week also sees 2 more Edinburgh previews with Dave Longley and Laura lexx bringing a taste of their shows to Liverpool.

Longley has had 4 previous Edinburgh shows and is about as audience adaptable as it gets in as much as any audience can adapt to him, this should be a riot.

Lexx is easily one of the most loverly humans ever! But lovely can't be funny?? My god yes it can and Lexx has funny plus 12!! She also has had previous solo shows at Edinburgh festival and is certainly a name you may hear more of in the future

J x


Tickets for all shows available at www.hotwatercomedy.co.uk