Monday, 25 April 2016

Weekend preview, the purveying of laughter

This week a bright light in the comedy world was taken from us, and no sooner had the sad news of Victoria Woods passing hit us then we lost another icon from the music world. It's hard to try and find an upbeat way of talking about anything when a celebrity we feel we know personally is taken by the reaper, who seemingly is trying to impress for a promotion or something.

Life goes on for the rest of us though and for the majority of us we will still be turning up at work on Monday, sill be going to tennis club or watching Netflix or maybe keeping an eye on Citeh in the champions league, The OJ Simpson TV series has come to an end, (spoiler alert for those who recorded it for catch up but he gets off!!) which has left my Mondays nights free so maybe I'll give reading another go, apparently there are some good books out there that I could smugly state are better than the movie once I've read them because we all know you are a better human if you read the book before watching the film.

It is of course business as usual for those of us who's place in life is the purveying of laughter and we have another brilliant week of funnies coming at you, well, taking place, you'd need to come to us really and that borderline aggressive at you part.. its more a 'for you' thing.

Wednesday at Jacaranda we have another smorgasbord (amazingly according to sepll check I spelt that correctly 1st time) of professional acts playing with their new bits which is kind of metaphorical but most certainly not a euphemism (I did spell that wrong!).
Among the acts bringing the funnies are George Zach, the Grecian adopted Geordie is acutely aware of the stupidity in this world and delivers his observations on this impeccably.
Andy Watson will also be on and he is an almost elastic human with the ability to physically perform a joke like no one I have ever seen, I'm not entirely sure he isn't one of the fantastic 4. Joining them will be Pete Phillipson, I had the pleasure of hosting a gig that Pete was headlining recently, dry and smart Pete is able to find the funny in mundane so his new stuff is bound to be worth listening to.

Thursday 28th April we are simply treating comedy fans to 2 absolute heavy weights of intentional comedy. 2 acts that have made people vomit laughter all over the world, the sort of comedians that are so on top of their game you will probably crease over with snot running down your face clasping for air. I'm not even exaggerating, they are so so so good you may die.

1st of all Canadian Glen Wool is on at the Holiday Inn with his tour show, just... go see it, nothing more to say

alternatively get to Boiling point at the crown hotel for Brendan Burns the Ozzy powerhouse of a comedian is, to use a football analogy, a ballon D'or contender every year!

The weekend highlight sees Liverpools own Adam Rowe at Hoylake social club on Friday, a star of the future, what he hasn't overheard on a bus isn't worth overhearing! Adam is going to be massive so go see him now.

Saturday at Holiday Inn, another opportunity to see Brendan Burns and joining him will be Glen Wools support act the brilliant John Hastings. The Canadian was nominated for Canada's newcomer of the year in 2006 and if he was good back then we'll he is sensational now. As chortle stated Ironically for a man who suffers from coordination disorder dyspraxia, he has some very neat analogies and well structured tidy routines.

It's another exciting week so get your tickets booked and we will see you there then yeah? Ok yeah, great.

J x


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