Monday, 16 May 2016

Weekend preview, pinch don't punch

If you have the chance to go to Leicestershire the same day Leicester city are having an open top bus parade celebrating the premier league victory.... I'd advise it, and while dishing out rubbish advice why not make toasties in the bath.

As I'm sat here having just died on my arse at a gig I decided I needed cheering up, and so, a little jump on to see what's going on at Liverpools finest comedy club was sufficient to lighten my mood, yeah bugger off I'm easy pleased and I am essentially marketing the club! (It is ace though!)

Let's look at Wednesday's jacaranda line up then, Red Redmond hosts this week and the cheeky mirth maker who was once punched in the face by a man angry that a comedy club was happening in his pub is the least punchable looking human ever, if anything he looks like a pinch the cheek not punch type of guy.
Red introduces the fabulous Brennan Reece who is one of the most exciting acts in the vast see of exciting acts in the Northwest! Brennan has recently toured Australia after winning English comedian of the year.
Also on the line up is musical Midlands merrymaker Hannah Sylvester, I last saw Hannah perform around November last year and I was blown away by one hell of a set, I'd bloomin love to see her new stuff in action, I can't but you can so bloody do!!

The weekend shows at Holiday inn are as ever of a standard that makes me want to weep! I'm not really sure what I mean by that either but let's have a look at the acts eh, yeah!
We have Paul Smith as usual holding the show together like an entertaining tile adhesive  with red hair and jokes! (My writing career is flying!)

Jim Smallman, Neil McFarlane and Paul Myrehaug make up the weekends acts. Smallman has among his talents radio presenting and wrestling promoting on the CV but stand up is where he is at his best if you ask me, he is also most likely among the many Leicester city fans that are down the road from me doing a conga round an open top bus I presume.
McFarlane has 2 of my favourite jokes ever ever! For their simplicity they are amazing, I'm not telling you them you have to find out for yourself. Myrehaug (it's pronounced Mrehaug ok) is one of the many amazing Canadians coming to the uk comedy circuit and being awesome. Life observations and neat comedy annecdotes made up his performance when I saw him and you're in for a treat as ever.

In other news, I've just had that awkward "it wasn't so bad" chat with an audience member! I don't care when I die because it happens now and then, sitting here listening to patronising folk tell me I'll get better if I keep trying is just the worse!! So based on how good I felt writing about hot water this weekend I may just see you there!

J x


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