Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Words can't describe, weekend preview

Having skipped a week due to having a zillion gigs I am back to look at another hot water weekend. With a load of football this weekend, England, champions league, playoffs and after a bit of bank holiday boozing, maybe chilling watching the cricket (or if you're interesting/ have a life perhaps you did something better) then the return to your staple weekend watching the funnies is a must... If it's not your staple it should be because life is tough and people keep posting ridiculous arguments for and against brexit on social media... Listening to people be funny is ideal for staying sane!!

As ever I look at some of the pro acts testing new bits at Jaceranda on weds 1st, and what a treat this week.
Among the talented comedians on display are Freddy Quinne and Jack Evans.
Quinne is just instantly likable even when he is tearing into his audience as he sometimes can, he is quick minded and hugely entertaining so if you haven't seen him before rectify that this week.
Evans is different from your average comedian, he is wacky and surreal at times, energetic and loud sometimes and laid back with sharp wit at times, what you always get is absolute belly laughs. Also performing will be English comedian of the year Breannan Reece and Chris Tavner.

The weekend is packed as it usually is with some of the best comics in the business and Friday and Saturdays boiling point is no exception.
Paul Smith will once again warm you up with his wonderful charm and wit and will introduce Jeff Innocent, Peter Brush and Bobby Mair.

Innocent is an absolute powerhouse of a comedian, there are so few things I could say that would do justice to just how good he is so I'll just cop out and advise you to go see for yourself!!!
Peter Brush like myself is one of the handful of Leeds acts that is sneaking into the world of comedy... Peter is genuinely one of the best joke writers I have seen in the 16 years I've been watching comedy and that's no Leeds bias thems just facts!!
Bobby Mair is another of Canada's finest exports and this guy just has a strange charisma that you can't help but enjoy, he recently performed at a gig where the fire alarm went off, upon seeing the building evacuated he stopped the Audience outside and continued his set on a park bench while the fire brigade dealt with the alarm!! I can't describe how amazing it was!!

Ladies and Gents... This is going to be an epic weekend


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