Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer meltdown, this weeks preview

it's July already! When did that happen? It's like we've just unwrapped our Christmas presents and then boom it's summer and the country is having some kind of meltdown with people still getting upset about the vote, honestly I've not seen this much bickering since Gareth Gates and Will Young went toe to toe but hey, this is Britian, whatever happens we will all be laughing about it soon enough and speaking of laughing it's comedy preview time.

This week we see Rob Mullholland and Paul Rickets among the new material acts at Jaceranda in what is a superb line up.
My fellow loiner Rob is smashing this comedy thing right now and rightly so, he is engaging, thoughtfully and ballsy if that's even a thing and it's only a matter of time before he's massive metaphorically as he's already massive vertically (if anyone can lend him an iron for his shirt though please do)
Rickets has a cheeky cockney charm and an eye for observation that make him a joy to watch, his jokes do come from a London centric style but these aren't lost on northern types as he can master the art of bringing us all in.
Also performing are fantastic acts such as Liam Pickford and Nick Clarke who I once described in my blog as fingerless Nick when he performed the day after slicing his finger off!

The weekend at Holiday inn looks as epic as ever with Dan Nightingale, Adam Staunton and Andrew Ryan
Nightingale is one of those acts that having seen him perform I have wept! I mean, I'll never be that good!! He can tell a story like no other and it feels like you're with a mate down the pub! Amazing.
Staunton has such well crafted stuff it's hard to imagine he's been performing less than 10 years, although to look at him it's hard to imagine he's older than 10 years! He hit the nail on the head for me with his stuff about applying for jobs and I'd say he's one of the best acts around right now.
Ryan has that thing that all Irish people seem to have, an Irish passport... Oh and the gift of poetic storytelling. His cheeky friendly demeanour alone are enjoyable to behold but let's not make out that's all there is to him as he packs in some brilliant punchlines.

Sunday sees new acts test their stuff or seasoned acts with new bits so if you can't make the weekend shoes but still want a funny fix pop to Holiday in for Hayley Ellis, Liverpools new wonder kid the superb Simon Wozniak and Tez Ilyas among some fresh new faces too.

Monday at Jacaranda is Ed preview time.
Patrick Monahan will be there with a free hug for everyone and the kind of stand up that makes everyone just want to be his friend, that won him TV's show me the funny and that has seen him rise up to be one of the most sought after comics in England.
Addy Van De Borgh will also bring his preview, Addy doesn't need jokes!! He can make you laugh just by being there! That said he has some of the most original material around and this show will no doubt be one of the ones to see at the fringe this year.

Have a belting week

J x