Monday, 11 April 2016

We're now blogging!

Welcome to Hot water comedy blog, this is the place to get your bitesize portions of information about what's happening at one of the north west, if not the country in fact let's go all out, the worlds best comedy clubs.

Those of you that have been before will know the just how amazing each line up is, the reason? Because at hot water we fill the changing room with bubble wrap that the acts are allowed to pop, there are kittens in the rider (although after an incident in 2011 it's stated they aren't for dinner) and of course we supply cakes... While most of that is made up what is true is that Hot Water Comedy club is where the top circuit comedians want to perform and a great value night out is had by all who come.

We will now be blogging weekly, because you know that what happened next isn't that mind blowing and what she did next won't really shock you so why click on those links and waste your lunch break reading nonesense seemingly written by someone who made poor career choices and keep up with us where you can read articles by someone who definitely made poor career choices but isn't pretending they are capable of better!

Coming up in the next few weeks and months are some acts that are so good they will blow your mind! Ok I'll stop that now but seriously guys we have Glenn Wool, no that's not a bloke called glen from the Wirral but rather a superb Canadian flavoured comic who is sagely political and deliciously silly.
We also have Brendan Burns, the Aussie powerhouse is a joy to behold and has wowed audiences with sell out shows such as I suppose THIS is offensive now and Brendan vs Burnsy.

We also have Sinnerman Paul Sinha, a qualified Dr, formidable chaser on ITV's the Chase and of course insanely good comedian.. There is no point in me telling you more, get your tickets and we will see you at the show, for more details head to (Liverpool) or (Manchester)