Monday, 9 May 2016

Weekend preview, Scorching Week....

Well last week I mentioned the snow and this week it's that orange ball in the sky making us all feel like we should have hit the gym a little more this winter and the odd British sunburn as people popped out for a pint or three yesterday it's probably fair to say that attention is turning to the summer holiday for a number of us.

That Easyjet flight to the Spanish playas (For those who are unsure playas are the beaches not the waiters who claim as many tourist notches on the bedpost as possible) is most likely a few weeks away yet and in traditional British style it's going to be all 1 shade of grey again this week leaving the standard topic of conversation at the post office about how the weather has turned.

If you want something much more interesting to talk about then here is this weeks look at Hot water comedy clubs line ups

Let's start as usual with the Wednesday at Jacaranda basement, the night of course for experienced acts to bring their new stuff along to work out before your very eyes.
Among the eclectic mix of comedy talent this week will be Lovdev Barpaga, the man from the midlands may not be Peaky but his set is a blinder! He has many many many jokes and an affable style with his own infectious laughter helping along the gags as they infiltrate your ears.
Chris Purchase will also be performing, for 7 years Chris has been making people laugh, he claims it's been longer but at least for the last 7 it's been on purpose! Chris is both a great bloke and a really great standup, his style fills the stage of not the room.

It might be Friday the 13th this week but it seems to have rather the opposite meaning as looking at this Friday's boiling point line up at the Holiday Inn I'd say you're one lucky punter should you be there.
As ever Paul Smith will be working his magic as host for the evening, it's fair to say he's easily one of the best compere's in the country so that is treat enough but with a link up that boasts Jamie Sutherland, Russell Hicks and Raymond Mearns each one alone worth the entry money but when you put all 3 together it's enough to completely ruin the myth that 13th falling on a Friday makes any difference.
Sutherland is a local favourite has gags stories and the kind of silly tales that everyone wants to hear more of, Hicks is not so local, the American improvises, he jokes and he blows away most audiences,  Mearns also not so local but the Scot is perhaps more so than Russell. Mearns has been a comedian for 13 years and has followers all over the world as his solo shows have been to Melbourne, Montreal and Maidstone (other glamourous locations that did not begin with M were available)
Just in case you are worried about Friday 13th, the line up will again be performing on Saturday 14th.

So that's how this week is shaping up, I'm off to blather my vest shaped burns in cream and try to avoid smelling like coconut.

J x

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