Monday, 20 June 2016

Complicated relationship, this weeks preview

This Thursday we could be ending our relationship with Europe, its been complicated, we have had so may good times and the odd drunken night where we said some things about France and they got upset, but all in all its a relationship that I think has brought about a lot of divisive debate among friends and family alike... so when a video of Jim McDonald AKA Charles Lawson celebrating Northern Irelands win over Ukraine in the rain I think its fair to say we remembered to laugh like proper Brits.... and if its more laughter yer after so ye are then lets have a gander at who's gracing hot waters stages this week.

Wednesday at Jaceranda 2 of the cheekier up and coming acts that are absolutely destined for big things and making an appearance. Ben Briggs is wonderfully honest and has a bit of the devil in him that you can't help but enjoy. joining Ben is English comedian of the year Brennan Reece who as I have mentioned before is embarrassingly good for one so young.

The weekend shows at Holiday Inn have an eclectic and insanely talented line up that of course will be introduced by the best MC in the country in m humble opinion our very own Paul Smith. We have Chris McCausland, Tony Cowards and Micheal Fabbri. 
McCausland, a local act that has been smashing gigs all over the country and the world for 13 years is one of the most engaging story tellers I have ever had the joy to see. He talks of holidays to hot countries, his wife, being blind and all kinds of other wonderful anecdotes. 
Cowards is a different act altogether, a gagsmith, one liner merchant he has jokes on almost every subject and has the ability to make every type of audience laugh with clever, subtle writing or outrageous puns. 
Fabbri like McCausland began making audiences laugh in 2003 and starred in 'so you think you're funny' that year which was covered by channel 4. He effortlessly slips between topical, controversial or just plain silly material and has a style about him that you cant help but enjoy.

Don't forget this Sunday id the final of the new comedian of the year too, 10 bright stars of tomorrow will be performing for your appreciation and the chance to get themselves a kick upwards on the comedy ladder... could you witness the next big thing before they are discovered??

Monday at Jacaranda is Edinburgh Preview time again and this week we have Peter Brush, I did a preview of my own in Hull a few weeks back and Peter was there too running through his show which was amazing! Peter is so talented and churns out such well crafted material, this show will be amazing... go check it out!

Now I have some Spanish sun and English football to go enjoy, catch you all next week.
J x