Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A bit good, weekend preview

I've had a day gardening today! It's about as exciting having done that as it is for you to read that I've spent my Monday in the garden being all half hearted in my attempt to make it tolerable to sit out as we have another 2 day burst of sunshine that convinces everyone we don't need to visit Spain any more let's not worry if the leave vote wins and we need visas because British summer is having a go!!!

I also at the age of 36 discovered what secateurs are today, they are those things I've never used ever kinda like vacuum cleaners and a toothbrush (in case it's not clear that was a joke!!) anyway I'm rambling about my Monday when I should really be talking you through this weeks live stand up comedy in Liverpool as hot water comedy club again brings you brilliant entertainment and big laughs! (You should read that in X factor voice over guys voice, its way better!!)

This Wednesday once again there is another brilliant line up live comedy from Jaceranda basement with MC Paul Smith introducing more pro acts playing with their bits!
Among the pick of the acts this week are Will Duggan and one of my lovely mates in this comedy world Amy Gledhill.

Will has to be one of the most enjoyable acts to watch I've seen in a while, his brilliant mind and cheeky smile make his comedy somewhere between brilliant and really bloody brilliant!

Amy is someone who I 1st met when she was doing (originally a spelling error led to the autocorrect saying Doug!! I am glad I spotted that, funny as it is she was not Doug back then) her 5th or 6th gig and she was nervous claiming to be struggling with her confidence and that should would struggle... It was a competition gig that she wiped the floor with all other acts myself included and won at a canter!! She's a bit good if by a bit good I mean one of the comedians I most look forward to seeing each year because everyone gets better at this and she was already amazing from gig one!!
The other fantastic acts on the line up are Pete Otway and Wendy Watson making this another stellar line up!

The weekend triple headline show at Holiday Inn sees an act I 1st saw smashing a butlins gig in front of about 2000 people at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon!! Steve Shanyaski is just funny!! He not only creates moments of jaw aching laughter from everyday life but he really brings the story to life and has a delivery and style that are majestic.
Local comic Rob Thomas once again graces the stage of his home gig and the charm he brings to the stage along with the funnies make him stand out over other acts. Having seen him twice deliver killer sets on tricky nights I can safely say you would want to see more.
Jen Brister is half Spanish half English all hilarious! She has been performing for over 14 years including sketch but it's her stand up that she has well and truly established herself as one of the top headline acts working today. She has a superb 5 star solo show called wishful thinking and is a real treat for you lovely humans of Liverpool.

Go catch this weeks live comedy, it's going to be awesome!!

J x


Visit www.hotwatercomedy.co.uk for more information and to buy tickets