Wednesday, 15 June 2016

This weeks preview

Greetings from Sunny Spain... Figured I'd enter Europe one more time before the possibility of us not being friends anymore (can't happen can it?)
Also I have some gigs here, yeah that's right 'international comedian' now!! But what's going on back home?

Well I'm in hot weather but there are some amazing acts in Hot Water... I dare say one of the most outrageously exciting line ups this week at Jaceranda (which will be tonight by the time this goes out)

Paul Smith again hosts as heavyweights Daliso Chaponda, Gary Delaney, Caimh McDonnell and Kiri Pritchard McLean all take to the stage.

I don't need to say much about Delaney, his act is one of the most sought after in the country as he continues to wow audiences with his joke writing skill and as proven with appearances on mock the week.
Daliso is the only Malawian comedian (that we know of) and can turn his hand to most types of comedy from biting political satire or filthy stuff! He's a joy to watch.
McLean is well known for her non performing role in Geins family gift shop, she is both and excellent MC and... Well go see for yourself.

The weekend is no change of pace in quality. It's getting easier and easier for me to preview this with superlatives given the standards the boys at hot water have.
This week there is Rory O Hanlon, Erich Mcelroy and Steve Day making the triple headline show another epic one.
O Hanlon is a Dubliner with an observational style that's endearing, entertaining and expert (I wanted to try some kind of rule of three thing here and expert was all I could think of... He is expert though!!)
McElroy moved to the UK from Seattle in 2000 and a year later he was performing stand up a decision that has served him well. He has a natural ease with audiences and can talk about British life from an outsiders point of view with hilarious accuracy.

Steve Day was the 1st headline act I booked many years ago when I 1st started to get involved in comedy, he still to this day was one of the best. He is warm, engaging and has rapid fire jokes as well as some superb annecdotes about being a dead man in modern society.

There's more this week
Sunday we have a heat of new comedian of the year, the Sunday night shows are always great and this has the added edged new acts competing to be crowned Hot Water new comedian of the year an accolade that can really help acts get going.

Even better there's still more!!!
Monday at Jaceranda two of hot waters top performers are previewing their Edinburgh festival shows.
Adam Rowe needs no introduction to Hot water audiences but this is a show you've not seen before and his standards are high so this will be a treat and Danny McLoughlin is bringing his show to Liverpool and if his usual style of cheeky amiable comedy that takes the joke 3 steps fur than than you expect then this will be another one not to miss.

Right I'm off to make ex pats laugh before they all get packed off back home next week!! 😉


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