Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Weekend preview, random Snow..

I think we can all agree it was a pretty decent bank holiday, some underdogs won the football thing, there was a pretty huge moment for justice in Liverpool, there was some good mood and sunshine pretty much everywhere that despite a random snow shower and of course there were laughs so loud from our shoes that they caused huge explosion sounds in Yorkshire that had to be covered up by government and blamed on fighter jets creating sonic booms.

I myself have been busier than usual so this is a day late but let's be honest it's worth waiting to hear what's going on this week as the standards are at usual heady heights.

Let's 1st look at Jaceranda on Wednseday where among the line up are self styled old fart Marshall B Anderson, he's not as unpleasant as a fart, he doesn't smell and there aren't poo particles floating around him but depending on maturity levels, and let's be honest most of us are immature enough to find farts funny, he's as hilarious as a rasping one with a trumpet ending!
Also performing will be wonderful Will Duggan, Will will be off to Edinburgh this summer and we will Will to succeed which Will will (I'll stop that now) because as you'll see from his work here the man is bloomin great and his show is worth the visit to Edinburgh alone which may sound like a bias about an act I'd like you all to go see but it's just facts.

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th May at holiday inn Liverpool there's a fantastic show lined up for you.
Paul Smith will engage you as usual and prepare you for a night of acts who may just cause some of you to require oxygen.
This will be especially fun for sitcom fans as Benidorms recent series featured our opening act Milo Mcabe and Phoenix nights was Steve Royles hiding place in the world of TV glamour.
Mcabe nails character comedy and in the style of himself is equally brilliant at jaw achingly entertaining comedy.
Royle is a comedian and juggler, not the former Oxford rower as his website reliably informs us before pointing out how well he's done to not make a Cox joke. He's been in the business over 12 years and you'll be sure to see why it's hoped there's another 12 at least still to come.
Wedged between Milo and Steve is the bizarre, silly and hilarious Tom Ward.
Tom is possibly strange, maybe surreal... Certainly funny as funk.

It's yet more amazing stand up from your most reliable comedy club, so more Hot Water this week then yeah? Yeah!

Have a fab week

J x


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