Monday, 18 April 2016

Weekend preview: Award winners and newbies

Monday's eh? They turn up every week like some sort of punishment for having survived the weekend, and so we crawl into work through traffic the makes a 15 minute journey take 2 hours while we have the kind of miserable feeling that makes you wonder if attending a close family members funeral might be the little bit more upbeat.

Ok maybe that's just my Monday but as Tom Jones really wanted to say before the edit, it's not unusual to need something to look forward to, well, we may just have the answer because this week we have some belting line ups the sort that make comedy fans do backflips naked through Debenhams!

Let's start with Wednesday, they had another decent result at the weekend with a 1-1 draw at home to Ipsw.... Sorry I forgot which blog I was worrying for a moment then.
Wednesday 20th April, a date in history that has 'attend Jacaranda' written all over it as our resident compere and maker of fine quality jeans (must be the same bloke it's hardly a common name) Paul Smith introduces pro acts playing around with new ideas and new jokes... This isn't your average open mic night where you get total newbies all doing several jokes about Jimmy Saville and touching themselves, oh no this is top acts testing things that could well be heard on live at the Apollo in a few months time or at the very least on our stage at the weekend all polished up.

There's something so magical about watching comedians test new ideas and I urge and implore you to get a seat on the front row and inhale the mirth as it comes at you in raw form.

This week among others we have absolute LAD!! (No really check him out talking about this!!) And BBC newcomer award winner 2013 Steve Bugeja and the ever mischievous and highly in demand Danny Deegan a seasoned headline act that is sure to have something that even if he never says it again will be well worth your time!

Thursday we have boiling point at the crown, Liverpool and again Paul Smith will gently tickle you until you are ready for Simon Wozniak and JoJo Sutherland to rub your belly until the laughter causes  endorphins that even chocolate can't provide you with.

Wozniak is on fire right now, yknow, metaphorically... Although for one so new given how good he is many comedians would like to burn him! Sutherland had been described as deliciously cruel and the kind of performer you could watch all night, I say... Go see for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Friday and Saturday we have triple headline shows and let's be honest, if you were to describe the midweek shows as solid and exciting under cards then the heavyweights landing comedy blows at the Holiday inn this weekend will have round after round of knockout jokes and other boxing analogy type things too "ding ding"

Dan Nightingale, Peter McCole and Jo Caulfield are the aforementioned big hitters and let's just say that if you'd expect Florence Nightingale to nurse you back to health then fully expect Dan to have you in stitches! (Yeah I liked that one too) Peter McCole has a warmth and charm about his comedy that just makes it all the more enjoyable. Jo Caulfield needs no introduction, she is so very good it actually makes me sick! Like how can a comedian be that in charge on stage and make me vomit laughter so much it feels like I'm having a mild stroke!! Just wow, but as ever don't take my word for it, go see for yourself.

J x


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